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I am a PhD candidate working on gravitational waves, black holes, numerical relativity, deep learning and more. This website contains statistics, visualisations and tutorials of my works. 

Feel free to use any images/videos/codes you find on this website, please use Kaze Wong if you have to put a credit down.

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When a pair of black holes smash against each other, they scream unimaginably loud in the form of gravitational waves. 

I work on various topics in gravitational wave, such as developing data analysis tools and constraining astrophysics of their progenitors.

Image credit: SXS



Studying gravitational wave crucially rely on our understanding of their source. Comprehensive and accurate source modelling can only be achieved by solving Einstein field equation numerically.

I am currently working on developing efficient code to simulation long-timescale problem such as extreme mass-ratio inspiral and superradiance. 



Many problems in gravitational wave analysis and numerical relativity are prohibitively expensive. Deep learning has been demonstrated to be capable of solving highly complicated problems with a much lower computational cost for many tasks. I am using deep learning to break some bottlenecks in gravitational wave and numerical relativity, and opening up new opportunities to understand the universe.

Credit: Image Style Transfer Using Convolutional Neural Networks