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Kaze W. K. Wong

Astrophysicist, Animator, High jumper

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I am a research fellow at the Center of Computational Astrophysics, Flatiron Institute. My research interest centers around gravitational-wave and machine learning, i.e. I look at black holes and think about gravity like a machine on a daily basis. I develop new methods and codes to help understand the very nature of our spacetime. Checkout some of my research here!



I love animation, and I love using animation to tell stories in science.
I make videos to explain sophisticated concepts in layman's terms,
or simply to make enjoyable movies. 

Checkout some of my animation work here.


High jumper

As much as I love understanding and promoting gravity, I love fighting it too. I am trying to get good at high jumping, and I like to build systems using math and machine learning to improve myself techniques. Checkout some of my best jumps here.



Please feel free to ping me on social media whether you want to talk about science, movies, biomechanics or machine learning, etc. Here are some additional personal information:


Based in NYC, US

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