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Jim - gravitational wave parameter estimation in a minute

Parameter estimation problem is one of the most commonly performed tasks in gravitational wave.

Now, there is an elephant in the room. Why is the package called Jim? The short answer is I work at the Flatiron Institute, and I think Jim is cool. A longer version of the backstory goes like the following:

At some point we were spending like 15 minutes in a call deciding what to call our package. For reference, there are other PE packages such as lalinference, Bilby, and supposingly its predator (!?) Dingo. One of the author suggested we align our package name with the waveform package ripple, something wave-like like breaker or swell. I wanted something more wacky. Another author suggested Jacob since normalizing flow is kind of like learning a Jacobian on the fly. Then I went: "If I have to call it Jacob, I might as well call it Jim." Somehow everyone is on board with there, and here we are.

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